40th birthday party ideas

40th birthday party ideas

Perfect birthday party ideas for 30th, 40th & 50th celebrations

This weekend the iBox provided entertainment for a 40th and a 50th Birthday Party. We have done this many times before, however both were very different from each other. The 40th celebration party on Sunday evening in Stockport was a surprise present from the Birthday boy’s wife, so his mates came round and they all enjoyed 2 hours of our Xbox entertainment starting with a Fifa League, then finishing with many Call of Duty battles.

The 50th Birthday party on Saturday evening was a bit of a last minute booking (it’s always worth checking availability with us as we have multiple vehicles so can usually find a slot for you). This 50th Birthday party at venue in Bolton was different as we entertained the guests children whilst the adults enjoyed their party. Anna emailed this morning to say ‘Thank you for Saturday night, the children absolutely loved it… it was peace of mind for me knowing they were safe in the ‘box’ so I could enjoy the party.

We get booked like this to for Weddings too. It gives the adults time, space and peace of mind to enjoy their wedding reception, whilst the children are very happily entertained for hours. Unlike typical Wedding entertainment we do not hike our rates up, so if you’re planning a Wedding or know somebody that is, then our entertainment is definitely worth recommending.


School activity and good behaviour/attendance reward days

fun school activities day ideas

This year has been our busiest for school rewards and end of year fun activities, just as well we have another new vehicle available. Every school has different needs, budgets and pupil numbers. Some want to provide an incentive to increase attendance figures, others look to reward those that behave the best. Whatever the reason, the result is the same. Boys and girls both thoroughly enjoy the group entertainment as everybody competes against each other at the same time. We can even link vehicles together to allow for larger group play or tactical team battles.

We can accommodate a large number of pupils either by making multiple vehicles available or by rotating numbers through timed sessions. Each vehicle allows 9 players at any one time, we can have up to 12 in the vehicle per session and will rotate fairly every 5 minutes.

We now have four vehicles available, but in order to secure a booking for the year ahead we recommend booking well in advance.

If you would like to discuss further please contact Ben on 07966 360880 or email us.

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Birthday Party Ideas – Xbox Party at TGI Fridays Prestwich, Manchester

tgi fridays xbox parties

The iBox has teamed up with a fantastic family friendly restaurant which is perfectly located just off Junction 17 of the M60. TGI Fridays in Prestwich, Manchester offers the perfect setting to accompany your child’s Xbox birthday party or celebration. Offering plenty of parking and being so close to the M60 makes this an ideal place to meet up. With such a mouthwatering menu some parents will surely be tempted to dine-in between drop off and collection.

The iBox has been successfully delivering children’s parties since November 2011, in that time the iBox has collaborated with many different family venues across the North West to give parents as much choice as possible. Some parents opt to host their kids party away from their home for a number of different reasons: They prefer not to have the intrusion of children in their home, they have limited parking outside their home or it’s simply far more convenient.

TGI Fridays offer two menu options. Little League menu is available for smaller children at just £4.99, Major League menu for older children is available at £6.49. Check to see what’s on the kids menu this month.

So if you are looking to hire the iBox and live in Prestwich, Swinton, Salford, Radcliffe, Middleton, Bury, Cheetham Hill and any other nearby districts in Manchester, wouldn’t it be a good idea to let TGI Fridays cater for your children’s party! For more details about our Xbox parties we have a FAQ page. If you would like to enquire about our availability, please use our Rates Quote Form and we will get back to you within 24 hrs. We will also arrange your booking with TGI Fridays.

TGI Fridays
Valley Park Road, Prestwich
M25 3TG
Tel: 0344 692 0261

tgi fridays prestwich kids birthday party idea

Responsible Gaming with the iBox


Here at the iBox we actively encourage responsible Xbox gaming. We created our own unique party invitations that are available to download and print once you have booked your party. We have a wide range of games suitable for a broad range of ages. ‘PEGI (Pan European Game Information) ratings provide guidance to consumers (particularly parents) to help them decide whether or not to buy a particular product’. Therefore it is up to the parent who books the party to select which games they want to be played. Our party invitations indicate the ratings of age suitability, via check boxes, this then informs all parents. Please read our brief reviews of the games, and note the age range symbols.

We have also just created a fun chart to help your children keep their rooms tidy, you’re welcome to download it from here 🙂

iBox keep your room tidy

Sleepover Parties, our Xbox Party Bus will keep them entertained outside your home

sleepover parties

A small percentage of parents are brave (or mad) enough to organise a Sleepover party for their children and friends. The iBox has been providing children’s parties for six years and we have noticed bookings for sleepover parties gradually increase over those years. One of the common queries is ‘how late can you come?’ Let us assure you that our bedtimes are later than your sons or daughters so we will do welcome parties as late as you want. One added advantage of our Xbox parties are that a lot of noise and energy can be exhausted in the backs of our party buses and not in your home, giving you a well earned break and leaving you to put your feet up whilst we host the chaotic fun.

Our birthday parties are arranged as a Minecraft Party, A Fifa League or Multiplayer Competition (typically racing & shooting games), if you decide to book us for longer we can mix and match those different party types, We also award a choice of prize for the winner and have lots of stylish products we offer as bundles that can be given to the invited kids as party bags, caps or mugs .

Our party bus is quite unique as it organises the games into competitions, the original US concept developed ‘game lounges’ which offered a ‘free-for-all approach’ individual choice of game and console and typically had just a handful of large screens (typically 40″ plus) which the children played in lots of smaller groups as the consoles don’t link with each other and games are played on lower resolution split screen. The iBox set about a completely different concept as it provides one console and HD screen per player so that the group of children play together within the same games, far more sociable and fun. Our HD screens are 24″ but because the children are sat at close proximity to the screen they get a completely immersive experience of the action, they are also positioned at a comfortable eye level height as opposed to one amusing example we have seen recently which will no doubt lead to sore necks and frustrated children as the screens are ridiculously far away.

Another concern for parents when hiring entertainment is will they turn up? The prospect of anticipating a large group of children in your home without entertainment fills most parents with utter derad. The iBox has been asked several times recently if we can cover for other companies that have let them down at the last minute. There is nothing worse than the thought of organising a children’s party and to find out with very little notice that their only vehicle has broken down or they have gone out of business and are not answering their phone. The iBox has no such concerns, we have very recently just completed our 3rd vehicle which will only be used occasionally for busier periods but can be on standby for any sudden mechanical issues.

To organise your sleepover party use our availability form or contact Ben on 07966 360880.