It’s got to be one of our most frequently asked questions at the moment, do you have Fortnite (more commonly spelt as fortnight)?

We would love to say yes and satisfy the latest in-thing at the moment, last year it was Rocket League and Fidget Spinners, before that it was Loom Bands! Unfortunately this game comes with a technical and gameplay issue we cannot overcome. Fortnite requires the internet (Xbox Live) in order to play. We avoid using the internet at our Xbox Parties for a number of reasons: firstly we would rather not compromise your personal security by hooking up to your network, it can also ‘lag out’ (stuttering movement) and is far slower than our hard wired internal network and secondly as you may have already experienced when your child gets back from school, you may have heard them moaning about having to download a hefty 9 gb update that can spring up at any untimely moment without warning. The same situation could happen if we turned up to do a party for you, except it wouldn’t be one console that would need updating, it would be 9 of them (81 gb’s) We’d be there all day before we could get the game to play 🙁

In terms of the gameplay, Fortnite Battle Royale is not best suited for children’s parties. Only 4 friends can enter the game together with up to 96 complete online strangers, so not everybody in the party could play in the same game!! Each game is a knockout (last man standing) battle which can last up to an hour or more. If your child gets knocked out in the first minute, he/she would have to spectate for the duration of the game. This is perfectly fine when your child is playing online at home but we don’t believe it’s suitable for our parties, we try and encourage group play where everyone is playing for the duration of the party.

The iBox has over 20 different games to choose from, we do have a younger shooting (rated 12 yrs as well) game ‘Quantum of Solace 007’ that most parents are happy with. This game features lots of different individual  and team battle modes, where they re-spawn seconds after getting shot, there’s a fun Golden Gun mode where they try and get the golden gun which is effectively like a rocket launcher, team battles and a team protect the base round. It’s a happy compromise between children wanting to play shooting games like Call of Duty (16yrs) and the parents that are not quite ready to expose their children to gore and choice language (multiplayer games don’t tend to have bad language as the single play ‘story mode’ is avoided).

Another favourite game we have is Blur, this is by far the most enjoyed game we have. It’s a cross between Rocket League, Mariokart and Need for Speed. They race round in modern day street cars, picking up rocket launchers, missiles, shields, mines, turbo boosts etc, there is also a fun battle mode where points are scored by hitting each other and bonus points if you destruct your friends.

This year is our 7th year doing Xbox Parties, we really do know which of our games create the loudest decibels for our ears, we encourage the noise and want your child to have their best party ever!!

Visit our Rates & Bookings page and use the availability form, we operate 3 Party Buses in the North West area (covering Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire & South Cumbria), so chances are we will be able to get you booked in.