It’s got to be one of our most frequently asked questions at the moment, do you have Fortnite…. the iBox – for Responsible Gaming

Fortnite (Fortnight) Battle Royale is currently the game that most kids are busy playing in their bedrooms, 24/7 if allowed to. It must be one of the most frequently asked questions at the moment ‘do you have Fortnite?’ Yes we are pleased to announce we are now taking bookings for Fortnite parties as we have modified and equipped our newest vehicle. Before booking parents must be aware that we require full payment for Fortnite Parties, once we receive a deposit, we will request the remaining balance.

Please be aware of our following disclaimer before booking your Fortnite Party:

• Fortnite requires the internet to play
– We will need to arrive a little early to hook up to your broadband as we cannot guarantee a mobile signal wherever we go. We cannot guarantee the quality of speed of your internet (lag is stuttering movement between players), it will depend on the speed of your internet. Fortnite updates the game quite regularly, every time it does this you can not play the game until the update has been downloaded. This can take approximately 30 mins to download per console. This would mean that we could arrive shortly after the update is released and then be faced with updating all consoles which would take hours, therefore we can not guarantee being able to provide a Fortnite party for your child, and a different game would need to be played at the designated time.

• Fortnite Parties – number of players
– Please be aware that Fortnite limits the battle to a maximum of just 4 players. The game itself is a 12 year Pegi rated game. Aside the 4 children, 96 online strangers are also included within the battle arena (please also be aware that the game will not start until the arena is fully populated with 96 online players which could create a time delay). The iBox can not be held responsible for the actions and speech that your children may be subjected to. Upon booking we will send out consent forms for all parents to sign to allow their children to potentially be subjected to adult content beyond our control.

• It’s a Knockout Battle
– Fortnite games last approximately 30 mins each, the game is a knockout battle (last man standing). Once all 100 players are present, they all battle until the last man standing Wins the battle. If 3 players in the party are killed in the first minute, potentially they will then have to sit and watch the 4th player for the next 30 mins.

If you have read and understood these constraints and are happy to book your Fortnite Party, please click here to book. If you feel these restrictions would impact upon your child’s party, please check our other games that do not have these restrictions , James Bond 007 for instance is a shooting game but allows all 9 friends to play against each other or as teams and like Fortnite it’s a young shooter rated at just 12yrs. We also have ‘Blur’ which is a cross between Mariokart, Rocket League and Need for Speed, this is only a 7 year rated game but great fun for all ages.