kids party games – informative descriptions for parents

We have a wide range of games suitable for a broad range of ages. ‘PEGI (Pan European Game Information) ratings provide guidance to consumers (particularly parents) to help them decide whether or not to buy a particular product’. Therefore it is up to the parent who books the party to select which games they want to be played. Our party invitations indicate the ratings of age suitability, via check boxes, this then informs all parents. Please read our brief reviews of the games, and note the age range symbols.

Look out for the Games we recommend, in our experience, they wont disappoint…


Multiplayer Games that can link between two iBox Trucks, for either 16 or 18 players.


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Due to popular demand, we have now devised a MINECRAFT Party, challenging all 9 players to a copy n’ build challenge and a creative challenge which will be judged by the parents, we also have a Diamond treasure trail, a bow & arrow challenge, all rounds are scored, the winning score wins a MINECRAFT themed prize!! Please note: Minecraft is not a System Link game. Experience of playing Minecraft is recommended.

Fifa League     

Needing no introduction this isn’t available as a Multiplayer party, instead utilising up to 5 Xbox’s we can create a Fifa League for 8 to 11 players (every player plays each other once in a league), an 8-9 player league can take 60 mins to complete, allowing you to combine some multiplayer games with any time left over. 11 player league will take a minimum of 90 mins. We can also create a 16 player cup, with group stages and finals.


Fortnite Party

One of the most popular games in recent times, we have now equipped our latest vehicle to offer Fortnite Parties – Subject to availability please click here for more information, please include date and postcode for your party.


Without doubt, our most enjoyed Multiplayer game. Best describesd as ‘Mario Kart on Steroids‘. Fantastic arcade racing & battling action, collect different power-ups to shoot at your opponents, an electrifying modern take on Mario Karts. In addition to the fantastic racing action is a battle mode, where players shoot each other for points. Easy for young children to get to grips with straightaway.

Formula 1   

Compete in todays fastest cars on the finest global circuits. F1 offers a great multiplay action for the serious racer, turn on some of the auto aids (like racing lines, auto brakes etc) & the game becomes very playable for younger kids. Aalso features Classic 80’s cars & Brands Hatch!

Quantum of Solace 007   

Unique shooting action due to it’s younger age certification. Ideal entry point as there is less gore. The game uses the same graphics engine as Call of Duty 4, there are lots of individual free for all games and team missions.
Popular intro to shooting games as it’s only a 12 rating.


Fast paced racing action that anyone can enjoy. Grid offers a wide variety of racing cars where bashing and crashing is inevitable, the cars get crumpled, tyre walls go flying, never a dull moment!!
More experienced racers will enjoy this, as you definitely need to BRAKE!!


One of the finest games to grace the Xbox, Halo 3 is well renowned for being a classic multiplayer game. It offers a futuristic battle field where you can drive vehicles, fly craft and choose between close call & long distance weaponry.
Battles allow you to get in to vehicles and aircarft.

Call of Duty 4    

Modern Warfare is the game that all the kids want to play and despite it’s higher age certification invaribly do play! So throw 9 competitors into a death match and let’s see who is going to be crowned KING of COD!!

Black Ops    

A popular addition to our parties (if allowed to play) the graphics and gameplay make this one of the favourite teenage multiplayer games. There are lots of different multiplayer modes in Black Ops and a fantastic variety of maps.


Perhaps best remembered by the parents, Quake is a fantastic futuristic fast paced Shooting game. Includes fantastic selection of weapons including the lightning bolt, there are lots of shields, boosts and jumps to aid your progress.

Blazing Angels   

Experience WWII’s most legendary Air Battles, from the Battle of Britain, to the attack on Pearl Harbour, all the way to the bombing of Berlin. Combat in a 9 player dog fight over Paris to determine who’s the Red Baron!!
Good fun and it’s a bit different…

Dirt 2   

Simply put, this is off road racing at it’s best. It must be stated that the’12’ certificate is probably due to some stronger language in the ‘single player’ mode only. So any concerns for children under the age of 12 should be eased. This game is only playable between 8 Xbox’s.

Forza Motorsport   

Realistic SuperCar racing, loaded with 300 of the worlds hottest cars. Includes a useful racing line option that suggests your braking points. Classic tracks like Silverstone, Suzuka and the infamous Nordschleife add to the realism. It is only playable between 8 Xbox’s.

Project Gotham 4   

An arcade racer blending cars and motorbikes, the tracks are forgiving, so you wont be wasting time struggling out of the gravel, fast paced fun!! This game is only playable between 8 Xbox’s.

Race Pro   

More of a Simulator than an arcade racer. Features a range of cars from Mini’s to F3000 series. Tracks are modelled on actual WTCC circuits. Wasting no time on soundtracks, instead focusses on realistic handling, damage, wet & dry conditions, all to satisfy the racing purist!

Moto GP   

Featuring life-like visuals, complete 2007 rider and team data, new 800cc MotoGP bikes, a revamped Extreme mode (that allows players to race on city streets around the world)

MX vs ATV Reflex   

Race Quad Bikes and Moto X Bikes around dirt tracks with plenty of massive jumps. This game will provide a lot of fun in the iBox because it wont be the biggest jumps that win the race, it’s how you land the sequence of jumps that will be quickest, use of right thumb stick leans rider into corners & jumps.


Off Road Quad bike racing, Nail’d is, in a word, extreme. In this off-road racing game, you share the sky with jumbo jets, leap over speeding trains, and ride along platforms suspended in the air by helicopters. These experiences do provide for adrenaline-drenched excitement!!!

Shaun White Snowboarding   

Shaun White Snowboarding offers four huge mountains that you and your 8 friends are free to explore however you wish; there are no time limits or preset paths to follow. You can even pelt them with a snowball.


8 Player Top Gun jet fighter action, it’s arcade action all the way with an unlimited supply of missles to fire, fight in 19 environments – which are created with real satellite data. For 8 Xbox’s.

Midnight Club Los Angeles   

Offering a variety of fun Multiplayer games, like capture the flag and a tag style game. The game also features city traffic and pedestrians, which no matter how hard you try, you wont manage to run them down!! The single play version features stronger language but this isn’t present in the Multiplay games.